Astral Extracts offers a wealth of experience serving as a supplier of basic manufacturing ingredients to the flavor and fragrance industry for over fifty years.  Astral supplies and manufactures worldwide a complete line of essential oils, citrus oils and by-products, and citrus fractions, fruit juice concentrates, flavor manufacturing ingredients, specialty manufacturing ingredients and natural and synthetic aroma chemicals (including Maltol, Ethyl Maltol and Natural Maltol).

Astral is a member of several key associations in order to provide up-to-date industry and product information.  Associations include:

(FEMA) Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association
of the United States

(IFT) Institute of Food Technologists

(IFEAT) International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades

(NAFFS) National Association of Flavors & Food-Ingredient Systems

(OTA) Organic Trade Association

(WFFC) Women in Flavor & Fragrance Commerce