Ethyl Maltol

Chemical Name: 3-Hydroxy-2-ethyl-4-Pyrone
Code: GBA 3005; INS 637; FEMA 3487
GBA-Code of the national standard man-made perfume of the P.R.C.

INS-International Numbering System
FEMA-the Fragrance and Extraction Manufacturer Association of America

Molecular Formula: C7H8O3
Molecular Weight: 140.14
Quality Standard: Be in the accordance of the national quality standard of the P.R.C. QB-861 and the U.S.A. FCC IV.


PROPERTY White crystalline powder with a characteristic odor and fruitlike flavor in dilute solution White needle or powder crystals with a fruitlike flavor in dilute solution White crystalline powder with a characteristic odor and fruitlike flavor in dilute solution
Content                      % 99.20 99.00 99.00
Melting Point               C 89.0 ~ 92.0 89.0 ~ 92.0 90
Residue on Ignition   % 0.2 0.2 0.2
Moisture                     % 0.4 0.5 0.5
Arsenic                       % 0.0003 0.0003 ---
Heavy Metal               % 0.001 0.001 0.002
                 pb               % 0.001 --- 0.001




Ethyl Maltol is a safe, nontoxic and widely-used aromatic food additive.  Only a small amount is needed to achieve a significant effect.  It is a sweet, synergetic agent used in tobacco, food, beverages, essences, wines, cosmetics and other consumables.  It has a remarkable effect on improving and increasing the flavor of foods, and it enhances the sweetness of foods.  Additionally, the king of food additives makes food keep longer.


Soft drinks-1.5 ~ 6mg/kg; Ice cream and ice foods, Jelly, tomato-ketchup as well as tomato-ketchup soup-5 ~ 15mg/kg; Chocolate, candy and dessert-5 ~ 50 mg/kg.


Sealed by polyethylene bag inside
Paper drum: size φ 350 X 500 NW 25kg
Cardboard case: 460 X 350 X 270 NW 25kg
Cardboard case: 270 X 200 X 155 NW 5kg
Cardboard case: φ 460 X 350 X 270 NW .5kg


Keep in a cool and dry place.  Avoid being stored in iron containers.  Protect from light and keep container closed.  Avoid contamination from special smell.

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